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June 29, 2006

Talking about ethics and journalism


Heading off shortly to PriceWaterhouseCooper’s office in Amsterdam for the Future of Journalism / Ethics in Journalism panel session organized by the Club of Amsterdam. I’m speaking on that panel and participating in the open discussion. Imagine: a PR... ›››

Category: Ethics | Events | Journalism | public relations

June 13, 2006

Bloggers aren't journalists

- Marketing Roadmaps

Robert Scoble posted late yesterday that "Great journalists call" in reference to the fact that some reporters actually called to confirm the rumour that he was leaving Microsoft while other bloggers simply went with the story as it unfurled... ›››

Category: Blog | Ethics | Journalism | PR | citizen journalism | public relations | robert scoble

May 21, 2006

Blogging primer for journalists


Here’s a good example of a mainstream medium that ‘gets it’ concerning its journalists blogging. The Daily Telegraph’s news editor Shane Richmond has posted the Telegraph blogging style guide: […] that we send to our writers when they first... ›››

Category: Blog | Journalism | Professional Development | mainstream media | weblogs

May 10, 2006

No compassion for plagiarists


Nothing is sacred on the internet, not the words you write and publish in your blog nor the pictures you take and upload to Flickr. I’m talking about plagiarism: Plagiarism is the passing off of another person’s work as... ›››

Category: Ethics | Journalism | society | weblogs

May 03, 2006

The continuing case for cutting out the middlemen


Last week, I posted commentary about an article by John Lloyd in the Financial Times on the relationship - I used the word symbiosis: check the definition - between journalism and PR in politics. The concluding point in my... ›››

Category: Ethics | Journalism | politics | public relations

April 23, 2006

The real symbiosis between PR and journalism


It is a self-regarding conceit of journalism that we are the dogs for whom public relations furnishes the lamp posts, says John Lloyd writing in the Financial Times. In a jaundiced view of the relationship between journalism and PR... ›››

Category: Ethics | Journalism | politics | public relations

March 21, 2006

"Friday with Foremski" Coming to Chron

- Media Guerrilla

Cool, this just in, Tom Foremski, editor and publisher of the Silicon Valley Watcher and SNCR cohort, just emailed me to say he'll be starting a new column for the San Francisco Chronicle's site called "Friday with Foremski,"... ›››

Category: Blog | Journalism | Media | Silicon Valley | chronicle | foremski | san francisco | svw

March 15, 2006

Blogging past, present and maybe


I can’t imagaine how I missed Time for the last post, a story in the Financial Times last month (I read the online paper daily) - a lengthy commentary on blogs, blogging and bloggers. It’s not the usual mainstream... ›››

Category: Blog | Journalism | Weblogs

February 24, 2006

No Sound Bytes I'm Afraid: Blogs as the Perfect Vehicle for Microstories

- Crossroads Dispatches

On the day after the tsunami anniversary, I ran into Ed, a Reuters foreign correspondent whom interviewed me and I had first met at an all-day meditation tsunami memorial event on Christmas. We sat down for a couple of... ›››

Category: Blogging | Journalism | Social Media | Storytelling | Tsunami | Weblogs | citizen journalism | disaster relief | katrina

February 22, 2006

First paper-less daily newspaper


De Tijd newspaper of Antwerp, Belgium, will soon become the world’s first newspaper to publish a digital version on ‘electronic paper’ which is automatically updated during the day. From a report in Tech M&C: […] Instead of buying your... ›››

Category: Advertising | Innovation | Journalism | Online Media | Technology

ProfNet bloggers


Dan Forbush has posted an interesting collection of links to blogs (and podcasts) that are being written by members of ProfNet: How many ProfNet members and experts, we wonder, write blogs that are squarely rooted in their primary area... ›››

Category: Blogging | Communication | Journalism | Weblogs

February 13, 2006

Daily Telegraph's new media expansion

- NevOn

Another indicator of how some mainstream media see podcasting as a big opportunity - The Daily Telegraph is advertising for two Podcast Reporters/Producers: [...] We are looking for two individuals who are capable of creating high quality and engaging... ›››

Category: Business | Communication | Journalism | Podcasting | Web/Tech | Weblogs

February 10, 2006

Engage with bloggers, says the BBC

- NevOn

BBC  journalist Paul Reynolds regards the blogosphere as a source of criticism that must be listened to and as a source of information that can be used. In a lengthy article on the BBC News website, Reynolds presents a... ›››

Category: Communication | Journalism | Online Media | Weblogs

February 02, 2006

New magazine for podcasters launched

- NevOn

In show #103 of our podcast last month, Shel and I talked about ID3 Podcast Magazine, a new print publication about podcasting launching in May. Well, you don't have to wait until May if you want to get your... ›››

Category: Communication | Journalism | Online Media | Podcasting | Web/Tech

December 09, 2005

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BBC getting into blogging

- NevOn (feed)

The BBC's political editor, Nick Robinson, started a blog last week, called Nick Robinson's Newslog. His first post includes this text: [...] The BBC is about to start a trial series of blogs, each of which will be built... ›››

Category: Communication | Journalism | Online Media | Weblogs

December 08, 2005

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The Tech Elite, PR & Influencer Access

- Media Guerrilla (feed)

The WSJ has an interesting story that's bouncing around the blogosphere.  It's yesterday's Portals column by Lee Gomes (“Tech Blogs Produce New Elite to Help Track The Industry's Issues”).  I know I'm chiming in a little late on this...... ›››

Category: Influencers | Journalism | PR | Technology